Kartago Inc.(www.kartagoinc.com) is a Los Angeles-based corporation conducting business by means of consultation and intellectual services as to:

  1. 1. Green HVAC Protocol
  2. 2. Hybrid Automotive Technologies
  3. 3. Property and Project Management
  4. 4. Trans-atmospheric Propulsive Technologies
  5. 5. Global Warming and Greenhouse Gas Management

Kartago Inc. is proprietor to a number of US patents including the "U-Turn" aerospace plane, patent #7,344,111, The "ASONIC" rocket engine, patent #6,213,431 and the "turbo" MAG automotive generator, patent #6,470,680. Kartago Inc. is also proprietor to the Polar-Equilibrium, SYNCOOL, SCIF and SCIF-CAP global-warming (abatement) methodologies whereby CO2, in contrast to the general perspective of global warming, is considered a greenhouse abatement tool in the perspective of a global refrigeration agent.

  • In accordance with the Polar-Equilibrium (www.polarequilibrium.com) synthesis global warming is a consequence of a global heat imbalance as a result of human activity.

  • In accordance with the Graphite-Globe synthesis (www.graphiteglobe.com) the crust and mantle components of the earth is separated by a (spherical) carbon/graphite lamina as a consequence of the transients of the elemental components of the incipient earth (new).

  • In accordance with SYNCOOL (www.syncool.com) photosynthesis functions as a global air conditioner with CO2 and sunlight the active ingredients.

  • In accordance with CIF and SCIF-CAP (www.syncool.com/SCIF-CAP.pdf) the fossil heat content of construction methodologies generally and building materials specifically may be indexed in terms of CO2 content. The environmental impact of construction activities may hence be rationally offset over the lifecycle of the building/project by reapplication of the CO2 burden via (micro) forestation investments OR via wind/solar/photovoltaic (micro) generators.

  • In accordance with the Uturn (http://www.transorbital.com) protocol SSTO (single-stage-to-orbit) transportation will be facilitated via the hypersonic aspiration of atmospheric oxygen.

  • In accordance with the turbo-MAG (http://www.patentstorm.us/patents/6470680/description.html) protocol the kinetic energy of exhaust stream of automotive engines may be adaptively applied to drive the automotive ancillaries thereby facilitating substantially smaller and more efficient (gas) engines.

  • In accordance with the ASONIC (http://www.patentstorm.us/patents/6974111/claims.html) protocol the kinetic energy of a rocket exhaust stream may be optimally managed from takeoff thru space via an adaptive aerospike ramp.

Kartago Inc. is privately funded. Kartago Inc promotes partnerships and licensing of its primary technologies. Kartago Inc. is seeking venture partners, institutional and governmental funding as to its intellectual assets. Kartago Inc will be promoting the Polar-Equilibrium, Graphite-Globe, SYNCOOL, SCIF/SCIF-CAP, Uturn, ASONIC and turbo-MAG methodologies constructively as of 2010 as a consequence of the changing world (environmental) order.

Finally Kartago Inc sees the emerging Copenhagen (http://www.syncool.com/Copenhagen.pdf) accord as a unique opportunity to capitalize on SYNCOOL-driven micro forestation as a global warming and CO2/ greenhouse offset. Kartago Inc will be perusing US-GLOBAL partnerships, consultation, and licensing opportunities accordingly.

Inquiries: info@kartagoinc.com