USP # 7,344,111 4/08 represents the culmination of a 20 quest of conceiving a (reusable) single-stage-to-obit (SSTO) air breathing aerospace plane. With the Apollo begotten history, the Shuttle antiquated & multistage rockets at best a flap, INTERSPACE commerce remains a myth for another era. At task hence are not only the complexity of multistage launching platforms, but also the despairingly poor payload efficacy, cost, scheduling and reentry hazards associated with multistage rockets. Patent 111 hence opened the door to a SSTO hyperbole that would in its making cheat/defeat the hypersonic scrounge & distill oxygen out of the rarified ambient air whilst accelerating to space. (Oxygen comprises 88% of the propellant weight at takeoff with liquid hydrogen/liquid oxygen (H2O2) propulsive system). Reentry would hence be affected in a reversed orientation to mitigate/spread the kinetic surcharge. The result is not only less complex rocket plane requiring less extravagance, but a payload potential of five times that of prevailing art. The Uturn would conversely open the door to interspace commerce and transform launching platforms into a major new enterprise.

Although some continuation art remains in process, the intellectual assets are being packaged into a legal entity for venture participation with ultimate listing on the national securities exchanges. The fluid dynamics quirk that opens the door to the hyperbole would be the subject of privity with the ensuing partnership. Venture participation via partners with experience in the aerospace field and governmental funding is hence being invited. Key investors will be rewarded with preferential shares & stock options. Investor equity will be managed by a national securities brokerage.